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*米国での不動産事情:ご予\u31639 算に合わせた 理想的な住居を探すお手伝いをします
*運転免許証:必要な書類手続きを含め 米国免許取得までのサポート
*米国又は日本での新生活を予\u23450 定されている場合 現地での快適な生活を保証する為の文化訓練・必要情報の提供
We can help with many of your relocation needs!

  • USA Housing Assistance: Find the right housing, in the right place, at the right price.
  • Drivers License Assistance: We can help you navigate the paperwork and forms necessary to get your Michigan Driver's License.
  • Cross-Cultural Adaptation: We can tailor a cultural adaptation program to help you understand and thrive in your new country, whether you're coming to the USA or moving to Japan.
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