Management Services

米国での様々なプロジェクトに 長期・短期を問わず対応します。






Long-term or short-term, we can help you with your projects in the United States.

-Real Estate Buying / Selling / Management Help

-Legal Help and Resources

-Host / guide services for visiting Japanese business people

-Assistance with starting a business in the USA

-Personalized Services

  • 不動産サービス:米国での不動産所有をお考えですか?又は所有物件の売却・管理。
    ご希望の物件を手に入れ管理する為 信用ある不動産会社をご紹介します。
    不良物件を避ける為 不動産検査の専門家をご紹介しています
    既に米国に不動産をお持ちで、問題を抱えておられる方、担当会社に連絡をして問題解決に努めます。不動産会社とは独立している為 完全にお客様側の立場で対応致します。

    Real Estate Services: Thinking of buying property in the United States? Want to sell your property, or manage it? We can connect you with trusted real estate professionals who can help you find the property that's right for you. We can work with local home inspectors to make sure there are no nasty surprises. We can coordinate with professional and trusted property management services to manage your properties. Having trouble with a property? We can connect with the companies in question and help you untangle things. We are not affiliated with any real estate company, so you can be assured of unbiased help.

  • 米国で法的なサポートが必要な場合、必要な弁護士をご紹介、必要な書類手続きのお手伝いを致します

    Legal Help and Resources: We can connect you with trusted lawyers and facilitate communication with them for any of your legal needs.

  • 米国訪問のお客様に対応。空港送迎。ホテル予\u32004 約・お客様のご希望通りの予\u23450 定作成・同行。デトロイトにての快適な滞在を保証致します。

    Host services for visiting Japanese businesspeople: From pick-up and drop-off at the airport, to taxi service, hotel bookings, or full-fledged tours and guide / interpretation services, we can help make your stay in Detroit comfortable and successful.

  • 米国での会社設立のお手伝い。LLCや他の形態にての会社設立。米国にてのエージェントとなり海外からの取引のサポートを致します。

    Assistance with starting a business in the USA: Want to form a LLC or other business entity in the USA? We can connect you with the legal professionals to handle the paperwork, as well as act as your overseas agents for filing and mailing purposes.

  • 中古車の購入や役所での手続き。保険や光熱費に関する質疑応答等。 米国滞在に関わる全ての雑用に対応します。
  • Personalized services: From finding and purchasing a used car to running errands for you while you work, or anything in between, let us know your needs.
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