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私共は弁護士ではありませんが、長年に渡り不動産関係・移民法・刑法など多岐分野の優秀な弁護士と仕事をしてきました。お客様が遭遇する様々な状況に最適の弁護士を紹介致します。必要な通訳に対応 米国の法的事情を正確に理解するお手伝いをします。ビジネス慣習の違い等、戸惑う点も多いと思います。疑問点を一つずつ解決。日米の視点に立つ事で冷静に問題解決に努めます。

Need the answers that only a legal professional can provide? While we at Lingua-Gator are not lawyers and cannot provide direct legal advice, we have spent years cultivating relationships with strong, knowledgeable legal professionals in many fields, such as real estate, immigration law, and legal defense. We can help you find the right lawyer for your situation. Then, if needed, we can act as your translators and go-betweens to help you understand the United States' legal system. Dealing with the law can be trying and stressful. Let us help you understand the situation, and fight back with the best minds.

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