The Lingua-Gator story ~ 物語

Lingua-Gatorは正子が2002年 彼女のお気に入りの動物の名前で 日本で英語学校を始めたのがきっかけです。

Lingua-Gatorは正子とジェフと一緒に米国のミシガン州ファンデール に移転と共に業務を拡大しました。

業務内容は通訳・翻訳・国際文化指導・管理手続き・移転・移住に関するお手伝いで 英語指導と共に お客様の様々なご要望に随時対応しております。


私共は規模が小さい故に 迅速に柔軟に動く事が出来ます。日本・米国に関する事でお手伝いする事がありましたら、お気軽にご連絡下さい。

Lingua-Gator began in 2002, when Masako named the English school she'd founded in Japan after her favorite animal. Lingua-Gator relocated to Ferndale, Michigan, USA, along with Masako and Jeff, and expanded its services to include translation, interpretation, cultural instruction, management services, relocation assistance and transportation services, in addition to Japanese and English language instruction, to a diverse range of clients.

In early 2016, Lingua-Gator officially became a LLC.

Our company is small, fast, and flexible. If you have an issue or a need related to Japan and the U.S., we can probably help you.


Lingua-Gator was founded by Masako Sasaki and Jeffrey Lilly

Masako Sasaki

笹木正子は日本の岐阜県垂井町出身です。 岐阜大学の看護科を卒業後、米国のWitchita State Universityに入学。日本で英会話講師を勤めた後 米国にて日系自動車会社勤務。米国ではミシガン州デトロイト近郊に落ち着くまで カンザス・アイダホ・アラスカ等 いろいろな場所に滞在。現在一番力を入れているのは 英会話教材の開発と英語学習システムの確立です。趣味は折り紙・映画鑑賞・世界各地の政治学と文化を学ぶ事です。

Masako Sasaki is from Tarui, Gifu Prefecture, Japan. She graduated with a nursing degree from Gifu University, and later attended Witchita State University in the United States. In Japan, she spent many years as an ESL instructor. In the USA, she's worked for Japanese tier-1 automotive companies and other firms. She's lived in various states throughout the USA, including Kansas, Idaho, and Alaska, before settling in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan. Her current long-term project is developing an ESL textbook and English-teaching games. In her spare time she enjoys making origami, movies, and studying international politics and culture.

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Jeffrey Lilly

ジェフリー・リリーは米国 西南ミシガン出身。ロミオ市とロチェスターヒルズにて成長。 14歳の夏 1ヶ月間ドイツに滞在して以来海外文化への興味を強く抱く。Oakland Universityを西アジア研究の学位で卒業後 Eastern Michigan Universityにて特殊学級の教育を受ける。日本の中学校に11年間勤務。小説を書く傍ら、1930年代・40年代のクラッシックラジオの修繕も手がけています。

Jeffrey Lilly is from southeastern Michigan, USA. He grew up in Romeo and Rochester Hills. It was a one-month trip to Germany during the summer of his 14th year that ignited his passion for living in, and understanding, other cultures. He graduated from Oakland University with a degree in East Asian Studies and later attended Eastern Michigan University, studying special education. He spent 11 years in Japan working in public schools. In addition to his work, Jeff enjoys writing fiction and restoring antique tube radios from the 1930s and 1940s.

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